Aims & Objectives

To re-establish that ancient system of education and knowledge which is reflected in the studies of AarshaGranthas, so that the Graduates from our Paathshaalaas are expert in the Vedaangaas.

Veda is a to be lived, not merely studied, keeping this in mind, prachaara of Sanskrta Bhaashaa, Vaidika Principles, Vaidika Education & Vaidika Lifestyle.

To inspire and motivate people to uphold the Vaidika traditions of Sandhyopaasanam, Shrauta Karma, Gopaalanam and to help such people in overcoming the challenges they face.

Gosamvardhana and to make Gau an important factor in the Economy of the Nation.

To promote the idea of Svadeshi, especially Veshabhooshaa, Bhaashaa and thoughts.

Protection of Natural Flora-Fauna especially by promoting plantation of trees and herbs as mentioned in the Vaidika Literature, more so, of the Yajneeya variety.

Promotion of all the Vidyaas as referred to in AarshaGranthas, viz. Yuddha Vidyaa, Krshi Vidyaa, Yoga Vidyaa, Sangeeta-Nrtya Vidyaa etc. Research on all these and to promote their inculcation in day to day life amongst the citizenry.

Research on the Angaas-Upaangaas/allied Granthaas of Veda, their publication and creation of new Granthaas on these topics.

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