Vedashala and Gaushala

 These Vaidika Paathshaalas with very rigorous research focus with parallel modern studies and affiliation with ICSE/CBSE board to bring out students completely immersed in dharmika background and yet become highly accomplished modern scholars in graduate/ post-graduate/doctoral areas of contemporary studies and assimilate in modern economy.


   Anartiya Bharadwaja Gurukulam

As the project proceeds, accomplished professionals in their space over lifetime will be invited to take up important roles of developing our vision and provide it a structure. Eventually we envisage an active agrahara forming here and shaping the identity and place of the brahamana community in public life. We will work towards building this into a timeless institution on the lines of what Takshashila would have been in it’s time — a great centre of learning of it’s time, foremost in thought and producing men & ideas that help rebuild the Vaidika Bharata.

The deep Vaidika core comes from Vaidika Bharata which forms the spiritual core of Takshashila — its goals and activities are of the nature of a spiritual body focussed on revival of the glorious core.