Anarta agrahara

We’re acquiring the land between two villages — beautiful semi arid land of Gujarat now criss crossed by the Narmada Canal and it’s tributaries. 38 bigha or approximately 23 acres.
The 3 acre land near the filled pond marked with green border is acquired. The fields marked yellow are being negotiated.
We’re planning to acquire both to build Vaidika Bharata paathshala.
VB is a trust created by Shri Mohit Bharadwaja, an engineering graduate and ex-wiproite who quit it all to revert to his vaidika roots. He has studied Veda from his gurus and now pursue a life of scholarship and revival of vaidika dharma in northern india. His first dharmika project was revival of shankhayana rig veda rescension in Banswara district with 4.5 years of efforts and scanning of thousands of manuscripts hidden deep within traditional agnihotri families.
Shri Mohit is an acclaimed ground level dharmika activist whose word has reached Narendra Modi — who follows him on Twitter.
I met Mohit towards the end of this project and offered to help him scale the manuscript scanning project into a grander goal under the name Takshashila.
Takshashila project has since identified large scale digitisation of hard to find or endangered manuscripts and building an online repository as first step. We have succeeded in building a skeletal organisation and our first project at scale is Melukotte manuscript library being digitised completely.
Our next three milestones under Takshashila project are:
  • Build an editorial team and completely catalogue all known manuscripts across india into a single searchable digital manuscript catalogue
  • Build a mobile scouting team to locate & digitise most important works
  • Identify relevant areas of research in indology related to indic arts, sciences, philosophy, linguistics , mysticism and 6 angas of Veda, sponsor PhDs, publications that throw light on ancient and classical bharatiya thought on Mathematics, Logic, Prosody, Music, Dance, Astronomy, Astrology, Religion, Philosophy, Language, Literature, Politics, Public Administration.and claim rightful place in the heritage of human thought.
Takshashila project will eventually culminate in a Vaidika Paathshaala with very rigorous research focus with parallel modern studies and affiliation with ICSE/SSC board to bring out students completely immersed in dharmika background and yet become highly accomplished modern scholars in graduate/ post-graduate/doctoral areas of contemporary studies and assimilate in modern economy.
In this sense Takshashila aims to be an elite academic institution with a starting point of students being deeply vaidika core.
This deeply Vaidika core comes from Vaidika Bharata which forms the spiritual core of Takshashila — its goals and activities are of the nature of a spiritual body focussed on revival of the glorious core.
This location will thus be developed as a core vaidika gurukulam as inner layer with a modern school and STEM / humanities campus as the outer layer, over time. As the project proceeds, accomplished professionals in their space over lifetime will be invited to take up important roles of developing our vision and provide it a structure. Eventually we envisage an active agrahara forming here and shaping the identity and place of the brahamana community in public life. We will work towards building this into a timeless institution on the lines of what Takshashila would have been in it’s time — a great centre of learning of it’s time, foremost in thought and producing men & ideas that help rebuild the Vaidika Bharata.
These are broad outlines for introduction purpose while much more meticulous roadmap exists for further introduction.

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